Погружения с Продайверс • Diving with Prodivers

Мальдивы-2005. Куреду • Maldives-2005. Kuredu

N Название
Dive site name
5 The Shipyard Channelreef / Wreck 0 - 30 m. Skipjack 1 and 2, both wrecks offering an abundance of fish life and soft corals.
14 Kahlifushifaru Corner Channelreef oceanside. 5 - 25 m. A corner with soft corals and large coral blocks. Many cleaner stations on the top reef.
15 Nakolhu Giri Atoll reef. 3 - 25 m. A small giri with interesting coral formations. Possibility of turtles, ribbon eels and schools of yellow banded snappers.
16 Fun Giri Atoll reef. 5 - 30 m. Situated in the channel it is subject to currents. The giri has terrace formations with lots of varieties of fish species. Many juveniles are also seen here.
17 The Wall Inner reef / Drop off. 3 - 30 m. Vertical reef with various kinds of soft corals in different colours. Small caves offering homes to moray eels. Shallow top reef with table corals.
18 The Peak Channelreef. 5 - 25 m. A tongue shaped reef pointing into the channel. Various profile changes during dive, terraces, wall and drop off. Larger pelagic fish could be seen.
21 Latheef Reef Drop off / Caves. 5 - 25 m. Caverns on different depths. Yellow soft corals are found in the overhangs.
29 Kuredu Caves Outreef / Caves. 3 - 25 m. Outreef with an indentation in the reef. Protected from currents and boasts caves at different depths. Very good for photographers and offers an abundance of marine life.
31 Kuredu Express Channelreef. 5 - 25 m. Currents can be very strong. The outreef has 2 large overhangs with lots of fish. The channel is sandy with smaller overhangs and good possibility of larger pelagic fish as grey reef sharks as well as big schools of jack fish and snappers.
36 Zafari Reef Channelreef oceanside. 5 - 25 m. Varying reef profile. Drop off, channel and overhangs. Shallow topreef boasts various hard and soft corals. Ideal to view different fish species and a possibility to see larger pelagic fish.
a Kuredu Home reef 5 - 15 m.
b Medadihura Outreef Outerreef oceanside 8 - 25 m. A shallow topreef with large coral blocks. Howksbill turtles on the reef and the possibility of larger fish swimming past on the outreef.
c Miaruvani Thila Atoll reef 14 - 30 m. Deep and very small underwater island. Good for macro photographers, with stonefish, mantis shrimps and overhangs full of glassfish.
19. Домашний риф 20. Риф Латиф 21. Стена 22. Риф Зафари 23. Калифушифару Корнер
Home reef
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Latheef Reef
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The Wall
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Zafari Reef
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Kahlifushifaru Corner
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24 Наколху Гири 25 Медадихура 26. Пик 27. Верфь 28. Фан Гири
Nakolhu Giri
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Medadihura Outreef
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The Peak
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Fun Giri
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29. Куреду Экспресс 30. Пещеры Куреду 31. Миарувани Тила 32. Стена 33. Пещеры Куреду
Kuredu Express
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Kuredu Caves
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Miaruvani Thila
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The Wall
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Kuredu Caves
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Подготовка к выходу Дайв центр "Продайверс" Пирс
Wait for dive Prodivers Dive Center Pier